V60 Brewing Guide

V60 Brewing Guide

Hario is a glassware manufacturer based in Japan. The company’s beginnings date back to 1921, when Hario first launched in Kanda, Tokyo. At the time of their launch, Hario specialized in providing heat-resistant glassware and tools for science and research centers throughout the area.

It wasn’t until 1957 that Hario began expanding their product line to include kitchenware, a move that brought with it their line of coffee siphon equipment. Tsuruoka san, created for Hario the first prototype of the V60 Dripper. The innovative product was the company’s solution to a problem of the time. Namely, the complex nature of the preferred coffee brewing method in the late 1950s.

At that time, the most widespread and preferred method of brewing coffee was the Nel Drip, a process that requires both practicality and patience for a good result. Hario wanted to create a new coffee brewing tool, easy to use and with a better result in terms of taste.Tsuruoka san began his experiments with cone-shaped glass funnels in the making of a pour-over brew. V60 Dripper – was so named because of its 60 degree angle. It remained a prototype until Hario decided to revisit the design in 2004.

Hario engineers added spiral ribs inside the V60’s distinctive funnel, a move designed to solve the problems caused by the diagonal ribs present in similarly-designed brewers.In the case of brewers with diagonal ribs, the filter stick to the glass, preventing the water from flowing completely.

The problem was solved by changing the diagonal ribs with some spirals, which lifted the filter away from the glass and allowed the coffee to degas (or bloom) when making contact with water. In addition, the creation of a single large hole in the center allowed more water to come in contact with coffee grounds, extracting more flavor and taste.


You need:

Hario V60 | Filter for Hario V60 | Grinder | 15g ground coffee | Hot water (91 ° C) | Scale | Timer | Cup | Optional: Coffee server



Step 1

Place the paper filter in V60 and heat the water to 91 ° C.
Rinse the paper filter with 200 ml of hot water, this helps eliminate the taste of paper and heats the V60 device as well as the server.


Step 2

The coffee must be fresh roasted, 100% Arabica. Arabica coffee beans are the most flavored and pleasant to taste. Coffee should be light roasted. You can order the coffee from BOB Coffee Lab website, by selecting the option roast for filter, which is especially roasted for alternative methods of coffee brewing with an Agtron scale between 80 and 90 +.
Add the coffee. The grinding must be medium like kusher salt (ex: 9 – Ek43s).
Remember, the finer the grind, the slower the extraction. Also a coarser grind will speed up the extraction. Start with a ratio of 16: 1, for example 15gr coffee to 240 ml of water. To make everything easier I created for you this brew calculator, which will help you calculate the ideal coffee-water ratio.


Step 3

Pour 60 ml of water over the ground coffee in a circular motion.
Wait 30 seconds, during this time the pre-infusion process takes place (coffee begins to release CO2)


Step 4

At 1:00 pour the water from the middle to outside up to 180 ml (in 15-20 seconds)
At minute 1:30 pour the water slowly in the middle of the V60 up to 240ml (in 15-20 seconds)


Step 5

Once all the coffee has dripped through agitate the brewed coffee a little and serve.

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