Everything about the coffee prepared at Cezve | Ibrik

Everything about the coffee prepared at Cezve | Ibrik

Contested and adored at the same time, the method of brewing coffee at Cezve | Ibrik can be transformed into a true ritual, depending on the country from which the recipe comes.

Named “cezve” in Turkish and “bricki” in Greek, Ibrik is probably the oldest method of brewing coffee.

The traditional Ibrik for coffee is made of copper, this metal being a very good heat conductor. The typical shape of the Ibrik, narrower at the top, helps to better form the cream.

There is the myth that coffee prepared at the Ibrik is made only by using the sand heater. The heat input can be done in any way, eg flame, hob, etc.

The coffee must be fresh roasted, 100% Arabica. Arabica coffee beans are the most flavored and pleasant to taste. Coffee should be light roasted. You can order the coffee from BOB Coffee Lab website, by selecting the option roast for filter, which is especially roasted for alternative methods of coffee brewing with an Agtron scale between 80 and 90 +.

Remember ! The coffee once grinded in just 30 seconds begins to lose from the volatile oils in which the aroma components of the coffee are, so the coffee beans need to be grinded just before preparation, so we will get a much more flavor and pleasant taste. A very fine, almost powdered grind is recommended.

The water should be filtered and not from the tap. My advice is to use water with ph between 6.5 and 7.5 and a Tds between 85 mg / L and 180 mg / L.

You also need a scale, the recipe being 1:10, that means for every gram of coffee used add 10 ml of water. To make everything easier I created for you this brew calculator, which will help you calculate the ideal coffee-water ratio.

Here are the steps of preparation: add the water and freshly grind coffee to the Ibrik, then mix well with a teaspoon and put the Ibrik on the heat source. The brewing time should not exceed 3 minutes, the longer the coffee stays in contact with the water, it will over-extract and become bitter.

The coffee is ready when it increases its volume and forms a cream on the surface. Now you can pour the coffee into the cup.

Important things to know about Ibrik coffee:

It is a full immersion method, this means that throughout the preparation the coffee particles stay in contact with the water.

After pouring the coffee into the cup we have to wait 2-3 minutes for the grounds to settle.

Enjoy your Ibrik coffee along with a glass of water to rinse your taste buds and hydrate.

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